29 04 2010

Another pot based on the shipwreck has come out of firing this week. Picture a huge rounded rusting hull rising into a blue sky –

Rusty hull April 2010

Where the copper red has overlapped the blue, it’s turned a lovely soft green which I wasn’t expecting. Maybe not in the plan, but pleasing nonetheless.

Also I turned the bases of the four pots this week, so they’re ready for biscuit firing.

Pots for biscuit firing

...and more

The Lakes tile has a slight construction problem, so has gone back in the cupboard well-wrapped. Wish I could spend all day in the studio.



23 04 2010

I’ve thrown four pots this week, and made another large tile with a landscape of mountains and sea. There’s still one pot in for glaze firing. I’m looking for more colour inspiration, and I’m loving the photos on Alan’s blogs – one called Leading Light, based around the Rampside area – http://rampside.wordpress.com/ – and the other called natural light, based around Liverpool – http://darkhorseliverpool.blogspot.com/

Take a look at this, for instance:

© Alan Carr

I definitely want to make something with these colours. They aren’t as rich as those in the rusty ship image I used before, more a subtle range. I might have to go shopping for some new glazes…

Wall tiles

20 04 2010

I think I might do a few more wall tiles. I have done a few in the past which I like, including the one which I think, although I mainly work on the wheel, is probably the best piece I have ever done:

Sea and mountains December 08

Others are quite pleasing too, I think:

Snowy scene December 08

and guess what? the sea again!-

the sea...

So next time I’m in the studio, I’m thinking more along these lines, though I’ll probably be on the wheel too. Not enough time!

Landscape or seascape?

18 04 2010

Two pots were out of the kiln this week, one more like a Cumbrian landscape than my usual seascapes:

Lakes landscape pot March 2010

Nice to do something different, but I think I prefer my seas!

The other is one done as a request, similar to one I did in December 2009, inspired by a photo I saw of a rusting ship on a deserted beach:

Rusty ship pot March 2010

The latest pots aren’t glazed inside, which does mean that they won’t hold water, but it has made it easier to get a nice even thin layer of glaze at the top. I think the blue has come out nicely as a result.

I also glazed another rounded pot in the blue and rust colours, but in a different pattern. Can’t wait to see how it looks!