New glazes

20 05 2010

Well, I had a lovely trip to choose new glazes at the weekend. So very excited to see how they’ll fire… Still quite a lot in the kilns, but I had one pot to glaze from last week, which I did using the old glazes, as I had the design planned. It’s based on Joel Meyerowitz’ photo of clothes lines against the horizon – a stunningly beautiful photo, but I’ve got my fingers crossed about the pot design. It’s a bit experimental. One of the tiles was also ready for glazing, so I got some of my new glazes out… oooh, so much patience is needed! The kilns were on, and I knew my pieces from last week were in there, being transformed by the heat. Hopefully I’ll soon have some new work to bring home. So now I have

  • 3 pots being biscuit fired
  • 2 small and one large tile being biscuit fired
  • 4 pots being glaze fired



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