New pots fresh out of the kiln

11 06 2010

Well, the house is bursting at the seams with new pots now…

Inspired by Alan’s Rampside beacon photo: 

© Alan Carr

Rampside beacon pot April 2010

  and based on his Salthouse Dock photo

© Alan Carr

 I took one part

© Alan Carr

to colour my pot: 

Salthouse dock pot May 2010

  I also loved the Roa Island wreck photo:  

© Alan Carr

  and I’m pleased with the pot I’ve made:   

Roa Island wreck April 2010

but I am going to do another based on that picture, I think. I’ll let it simmer a bit and daydream about it over summer.  

I also did a tile with a seascape from my imagination:  

Seascape May 2010

And I’m not sure about the pot based on one of Joel Meyerowitz’ beautiful photos from Cape Light. The lines at the top, which are delicate and fine in his photo, have come out thick and strong. Having said that, I do rather like the pot:  

Cape Light pot 2010

The new blue glaze I bought is a rather lovely satin blue, and I used it for a sea pot:  

Blue sea, black rock
Blue black sea pot May 2010

And the last piece for a while, a softly coloured sea scene led me to a pot using my new glazes, which didn’t quite come out the colours I was expecting, but pleasing none the less:  

© Alan Carr

Grey seas pot May 2010

So now I have a few weeks to daydream and sketch, and plan for pots for the future…



3 responses

9 07 2010

I love the dramatic red disc on the Salthouse Dock pot.

10 07 2010

Thanks, Cecily! That’s one of my new glazes, and I think the brightness of the colour makes the pot somehow seem more formal than most of my pots.

19 06 2010

It’s amazing to see a photo of mine turned into a wonderful ‘JC pot’! Thanks for this entry. I love all of them – the Salthouse Dock pot would probably sell very well in the Tate (Liverpool) shop and the Maritime Museum shop.
Sadly, that photo can’t be taken any more. In their wisdom, the town planners have allowed a huge black glass construction to obliterate the view – see

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